Using  enhanced concrete, we can create boulders for the front of your home, office, or farm.  With the ability to create any
size or shape, these boulders are only limited by your creativity.  They may be imprinted on both sides if needed, and may be
turned into a water feature.  These compliment any home, office or even golf course.  
This boulder was double sided, to be seen from
traffic traveling east ward and west ward.  Flower
potters were also created.
We start by drawing you a photo to give you ideas and
then we create your boulder.  
Animals, tractors, and farm scenes are only a couple
options to be imprinted.  
You may choose between buff, gray, redish, or brown
boulder color.  
Maier Precast
Boulder Designs® by Maier Precast
Nothing fits better into nature then something that
resembles nature.  Our boulders blend perfectly into
the landscaping at golf courses.  
Bases are an option, allowing your boulder to be
installed pretty much anywhere.  We create a metal
support structure in the base and the boulder slides
over the steel rod coming out of the base.  
We are able to create flower pots to add to your
landscaping.  These can be buried into the earth, or
sat on top of the ground.