Our mantels and hearths are made out of a lightweight concrete, giving us the ability to
install on many floors without extra reinforcement. Most of the mantels and hearths come in
five to six pieces, allowing for easy installation.  Through the years we have come to realize
that it is easier to visualize a mantel and hearth in your home if we can place it on a wall
similar to what you have. We have an array of pictures for your viewing pleasure. If you see
part of one picture you like, and think that it would look better with parts of another surround,
we have the ability to send you out a drawing of what it would look like.  Our standard colors
are white, gray, and buff.  Besides our standard colors, you have the option to paint it to
match your wall, trim or faux finish.
Buff Barcelona
White Arched Naples
White Alexandria raised hearth
Maier Precast
Precast Fireplace Surrounds
Buff double Arched Barcelona with center filled in.  
Arched Barcelona with overmantel and fillers.  This
was faux finished after installed.  
White Alexandria with filled overmantel.
White Alexandria.  The wall came into the room so we
wrapped around to the windows.
White Arched Barcelona.  If you have a box with vents
we place fillers into the arch to give us a straight edge.
White Seville Naples fireplace surround. These are
created to fit your firebox and wood or stereo